The Book

Every child is born as a genius. It is our duty as parents to help unleash the geniality in a nourishing environment at home.
The Simple Truth About Children, is written to help you discover the magic in simple, loving, mindful connection with your inner child, and the children, that came to us to teach us something. This book is collection of quotes and drawings that share bite-size wisdom about life, love, health, parenting and more.


Book Reviews

“Reading the thoughts about the children made me think. Then I went to hug my kids for the most important reason. Just because they exist!”
– Danijela L.
‘I think this book is a great guide, or just an alarm clock with big thoughts about children. There could be more. Thoughts that encourage us to think about such an important topic as our children are. I think I have learned a lot from it and will continue to do so as I will read the book over and over again to fully understand it. As the father of a daughter who does not live with me, however, I will delve deeper and follow the wisdom to earn my daughter’s love and recognize and acknowledge the mistakes I am making and take care I transmit a good life’s pattern to my daughter.’
– Mitja G.
‘While reading the book, I figured out that as parents we need to make sure our children follow their dreams, not ours. A smile and a touch will help our children to become invincible. The keyword for raising children is patience because sometimes as a parent I forget that I was once a child myself.’
– Kevin C.